About us

The main activities of GEPICentre:

- organization and holding marketing researches (studying consumer preference (U&A), market opportunities);

- public-opinion polls, sociological researches;

- branding, brand communication;

- assessment of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns;

- PR (public relations), crisis communication;

- political consulting, diagnosis and prediction of political processes in the region in order to reduce investment risks;

- media research, media monitoring (surveys, analysis of editorial policy, clipping);

- research management (ensuring the field research phases);

- gathering and forming databases of statistic and other social-economic information;

GEPICentre provides a full - cycle research - from developing a program of research and sampling to presentation of analytical reports and development of recommendations on the basis of the study. Guarantee of the Centre’s reputation and achievements is a highly skilled and professional staff, efficient technology of work organization, reliable technical base and multilevel control system over the quality of the project implementation at every stage of the research process. In its activities GEPICentre follows the principles of academic objectivity, scientific nature and full responsibility for delivered results in accordance with the ESOMAR code of ethics. All of these provide research conduction on the excellent level for efficient development of our clients’ business.


About company

 Centre of Humanitarian, Social-Economic and Political Research – (GEPICentre) was founded in 1991 in Omsk and it became one of the first Russian independent organizations conducting applied research on a wide range of humanitarian issues. By tradition, the birthday of the Centre is April 1st - the day of the first meeting of its Administrative Board.The backbone of the company was former members of the circle "Young ethnographer" of the Omsk Pioneer Palace that worked actively in the 1980's under the guidance of Vadim Drjagin, GEPICentre founder. Being teenagers they got great experience in ethnographic and archaeological expeditions and participation in public opinion polls. In future this team of researchers worked in scientific cooperative “Sotsium” and interuniversity socio-economic laboratory. It became a sort of preparatory stage for the GEPICentre creation. By experience of work at the market and volumes of contract activity GEPICentre is one of the leading research institutions of the Siberian and Ural districts of Russia. During the GEPICentre existence its team carried out 382 complex analytic (consulting) projects, conducted 3183 marketing and sociological researches, organized 68 ethnographic and archaeological expeditions. Specialists of GEPICentre secured victory at election campaigns to 47 candidates when representatives of executive and legislative branches in Russia and the CIS were chosen and consulted 51 campaign headquarters. The activity of the company for its first decade was described in detail in the monograph of A.V. Remizov “Researchers of Existence. GEPICentre Biography.” – Omsk: Publishing complex of GEPICentre – 2, 2001.



Trademark of GEPICentre was registered on May 25th, 1995 by All-Russia Research Institute of State Patent Examination (VNIIGPE) and included into the State Register of Trademarks and Service Marks of the Russian Federation (Certificate № 146327 of September 30, 1996).GEPICentre trademark symbol means optimality (triangle) and completion (circle) of services and researches that is the principle of the Centre. Three circles symbolize trinity universals of worldview systems; elongation of the apex of the triangle means the height of achievements.

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